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Top 10 Revenue Management Solution Companies - 2020

As COVID-19 refuses to die, businesses from across industries are rehashing their revenue management strategies and customer engagement models to keep their doors open. Most companies are forecasting future demand for their products and services and trying to reach their target audience in new, digital ways. This at a time when most companies are bleeding from the inherent lacunae in the existing billing and invoice management domain.

Modern revenue management solutions driven by cutting-edge data analytics can help companies not only explore new revenue opportunities but also plug revenue leakage. In the accounts receivable domain, finance teams are often hindered by error-prone processes that often lead to unnecessary revenue loss and hefty fines from regulatory bodies. Digitally-driven automated billing processes can

enhance the capability of the finance teams to have a clear and transparent view of their billing. The solutions also enable them to customize pricing strategies to align with the evolving customer demands and take a measured approach to business growth. Innovative revenue management solution vendors offer smart features that allow teams to remain one step ahead of the challenges and streamline revenue growth of the organization.

In this edition, CFO Tech Outlook brings to you top revenue management solution and service providers. The companies highlighted in this edition demonstrate exceptional value in terms of demand generation, billing and invoice, technology integration across systems, security, compliance, and much more. We hope you will find the right solutions partner from the companies listed in this edition.

We bring to you “Top 10 Revenue Management Solution Providers - 2020”

    Top Revenue Management Solution Companies

  • A cloud-based fee billing and revenue management platforms provider for the financial services industry. The company's cloud-based solutions enable clients to improve their operational efficiency, protect themselves against fee leakage, and improve reporting on financial and management decision-making. Its Redi2 Revenue Manager™ is being used by some of the largest institutions in the world, including The Bank of New York Mellon, Principal Financial Group and Aberdeen Standard Investments. The company also provides a unique billing system designed specifically for independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) with integrations to the top custodians

  • SOFTRAX offers ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant automated billing and revenue recognition software solutions from a startup to multi-billion dollar companies. SOFTRAX is driven by the mission to change the way companies manage, analyze, report, and forecast their revenue. It offers ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant automated billing and revenue recognition software solutions for innovative and high-growth enterprises. Over the years, SOFTRAX has developed and productized its solutions that integrate with more than 200 ERPs and financial systems, providing a complete revenue management solution. Its multi-tenant cloud solution with a myriad of features makes SOFTRAX a cut above the rest.

  • TDT Analytics develops a model based on predictive analytics that optimizes prices based on forecasted demand, price elasticity, and competitive rates to ensure customer retention as well as revenue increase. By creating a unique and customized model for each client, TDT Analytics ensures that all client requirements are met. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, the company takes a very consultative approach by understanding client business, imperatives and pain points. TDT Analytics then articulate a methodology that best works for them and brings the highest ROI

  • Aptitude Software

    Aptitude Software

    Aptitude Software delivers specialist financial applications to equip CFOS (and the finance function) to fulfill their strategies and ambitions. As a global financial software specialist, Aptitude equips CFOs, of the large organizations, with competitive advantages by streamlining and automating financial accounting processes and enabling faster actionable insights. They finance experts who develop finance-centric solutions to control and automate complex accounting processes. This enables their customers to free time from traditional accounting roles and inject rich data and insights into their businesses.

  • Carbon


    Carbon is an end-to-end revenue management platform (RMP) that unlocks the complex relationship between audience, content and revenue, enabling more profitable content, buy-side and sell-side strategies. They provide clients with data science driven tools and real-time analytics, plugged into their demand-side partnerships, to optimize revenue yield, maximize audience acquisition performance, and monetize their audiences.

  • Cendyn


    Cendyn provides hoteliers around the globe with innovative technology solutions that enable deeper, more meaningful guest relationships by empowering hotel staff with the data they need at every touchpoint in the guest journey. Cendyn products offer a complete set of software services for the industry, aligning marketing, sales, and revenue teams to optimize their strategies and drive performance and guest loyalty across their business units.

  • Gotransverse


    Gotransverse enables adoption and revenue growth in companies through their billing platform designed for sophisticated pricing, high volumes, and rating. Gotransverse provides cloud-based software that enables companies to operate as a subscription business model, including the often-challenging aspects of usage-based pricing and monetization at massive scale. Founded by globally recognized billing experts, the company offers an intelligent billing and subscription management platform that automates the subscription order-to-cash process, including billing, rating, collections, mediation, analytics, and revenue recognition.

  • InsightSquared


    InsightSquared helps revenue operations professionals make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence on sales and marketing KPIs. Businesses rely on the company’s solutions to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching based on individual performance, understand their marketing attribution, and conduct data-backed planning and analysis.

  • Model N

    Model N

    Model N enables life sciences and high-tech companies to drive growth and market share, minimizing revenue leakage throughout the revenue lifecycle. With deep industry expertise and solutions purpose-built for these industries, Model N delivers comprehensive visibility, insight and control over the complexities of commercial operations and compliance. Its integrated cloud solution is proven to automate pricing, incentive and contract decisions to scale business profitably and grow revenue.

  • RecVue


    RecVue is the only Business to Business monetization solution provider based on a big data platform. The company’s solutions help global enterprises adopt and manage innovative business models to drive recurring growth revenue. Their clients are mastering hybrid subscriptions and high volume usage-based models with advanced pricing and rating scenarios while gaining operational efficiencies. RecVue provides customers complete control over all aspects of their recurring revenue contracts at scale while maintaining flexibility for continuous innovation and financial rigor for compliance