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Top 10 Revenue Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

As COVID-19 refuses to die, businesses from across industries are rehashing their revenue management strategies and customer engagement models to keep their doors open. Most companies are forecasting future demand for their products and services and trying to reach their target audience in new, digital ways. This at a time when most companies are bleeding from the inherent lacunae in the existing billing and invoice management domain.

Modern revenue management solutions driven by cutting-edge data analytics can help companies not only explore new revenue opportunities but also plug revenue leakage. In the accounts receivable domain, finance teams are often hindered by error-prone processes that often lead to unnecessary revenue loss and hefty fines from regulatory bodies. Digitally-driven automated billing processes can

enhance the capability of the finance teams to have a clear and transparent view of their billing. The solutions also enable them to customize pricing strategies to align with the evolving customer demands and take a measured approach to business growth. Innovative revenue management solution vendors offer smart features that allow teams to remain one step ahead of the challenges and streamline revenue growth of the organization.

In this edition, CFO Tech Outlook brings to you top revenue management solution and service providers. The companies highlighted in this edition demonstrate exceptional value in terms of demand generation, billing and invoice, technology integration across systems, security, compliance, and much more. We hope you will find the right solutions partner from the companies listed in this edition.

We bring to you “Top 10 Revenue Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Revenue Management Consulting/Service Companies

  • Basel Holding offers revenue management products and services, including secure and reliable hardware, software, and 24/7 operations solutions for the FinTech industry and state institutions

  • Everyone is, after all, in business to make money. An Outsourced CFO from Centennial Revenue Management helps to do just that. They give an advocate to help manage and accurately project the long-term financial picture of the company and analyze financial data to maximize profitability and crate positive cash flow. They work along with the internal team to facilitate the financial and operational conversations to maximize the opportunities for employees to understand how they directly can affect increasing revenues or decreasing expenses by communicating the “important parts” of financials

  • Blue Ridge Partners

    Blue Ridge Partners

    Blue Ridge Partners was established in 2002 as a niche consulting firm for the specific purpose of helping companies optimize top-line revenue performance as well as the margins associated with those revenues. Blue Ridge Partners focuses on helping companies boost profitable revenue growth. Blue Ridge Partners has earned high marks from private equity firms by providing material, quick, and cost-effective results for them as well as their portfolio companies. Blue Ridge Partners selected this area of specialization because revenue growth is the driver of value creation—58 percent of all value creation comes from revenue growth.

  • Revenue Architects

    Revenue Architects

    Revenue Architects is a consulting agency working at the intersections of sales, marketing, and technology. Its Revenue Architecture Methodology helps companies build marketing and sales abilities to orchestrate digital as well as human buyer engagement and achieve more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable revenue growth. The company specializes in architecting sales and marketing to maximize revenue growth as well as executing buyer engagement campaigns and programs. Its services include revenue growth strategy, marketing and sales diagnostics, and full-funnel buyer engagement agency services.

  • Revenue Consulting

    Revenue Consulting

    Revenue Consulting, is a Houston-based revenue management consulting firm with a huge amount of experience in Pricing and Commercial Strategy, especially in Airline Revenue Management, as well as it is expanding its best practices beyond the Transport, traditional Travel, and Logistics space. The company’s mission is to help its clients implement optimal strategies and technologies that maximize revenue and profit growth and help them outperform the market by continuously improving their business processes.

  • Revenue Optimization Innovators

    Revenue Optimization Innovators

    Revenue Optimization is a consulting and services company for the casino, hospitality, and theme park industries. The discipline of revenue management is not just simply science or art, but a complicated practice that incorporates as well as collaborates the Sales and Marketing efforts with revenue management strategy. The company specializes in revenue management, hospitality consulting, casino revenue management, casino consulting, resort consulting, pricing services, distribution, total revenue management, revenue management technology, pricing strategies, revenue management consulting, group optimization, water parks, and theme parks.

  • TCRM


    TCRM, based in Bridgend, South Wales, provides high-quality web design and construction services. The company offers value for money web design, development & internet services to businesses in Cardiff, Neath, Swansea, Porthcawl or anywhere else come to that as well as with no compromise on quality. TCRM helps companies benchmark their potential through the lens of profitability and innovation.

  • The Alexander Group

    The Alexander Group

    The Alexander Group offers revenue growth and sales management consulting services to best-in-the-class organizations. In order to drive sales ROI and improve revenue, companies look to the Alexander Group for actionable recommendations, data-driven insights, and most importantly, results. Established in 1985, the company has served more than 3,000 companies around the world. Its customized solutions make sure practical as well as revenue-generating advice to implement the right go-to-customer approach. Combining data-driven insights and deep experience helps revenue-focused executives make informed decisions that propel growth.

  • Uplift Hospitality

    Uplift Hospitality

    Uplift Hospitality provides complete as well as comprehensive revenue management, digital marketing and hotel technology services, designed to the specific requirements of each individual property regardless of location or star rating. Its objective is to foster an environment of streamlined work process and continuous improvement, leading to highly profitable hotels. Uplift specializes in revenue management, hotel consulting, revenue management consulting, and hotel management. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

  • Yield Technologies

    Yield Technologies

    Yield Technologies is a provider of business and financial management solutions for businesses around the globe. The company’s management consulting focuses on utilizing technology to build actionable solutions that increase overall productivity and enterprise profitability. In short, the company finds and solves the problems that will bring the most benefit to a business. Yield Technologies implement proven technology solutions including e-commerce, management dashboards, point of sale systems, ERP, and revenue management systems solutions.