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Brad Kohlheyer, Founder, Hotel Revenue Solutions, LLCBrad Kohlheyer, Founder, Hotel Revenue Solutions, LLC
I can say without hesitation that there has never been a time in recent history where daily Revenue Management contact with hotels, along with the daily rate positioning and inventory management was SO important!

As hard as it is to accept, the usual September into October increase in weekday occupancy from Corporate Travel is not likely to materialize as we have grown accustomed to through the years. It is also likely that the first and second Quarters of 2021 will experience similar challenges in Corporate travel. So, the competition for other segments of business via a greater variety of channels has elevated to “mission critical”.

To this end, sourcing a Revenue Management Team with a very clear understanding of net rate profitability, and the best ways to execute such a strategy across today's complex marketplace has become one of the most important decision for today's Hospitality Leaders.

I do not believe that in this “New Abnormal Covid Economy" you can afford not to be supported by well tested Revenue Management Experts. And, when these services can start at monthly costs as low as $395 for daily interaction and bi-weekly Revenue Management web-based calls – or as low as $275 for report services with daily interaction and rate changes, affordable to participation is readily available.
Without the overhead that the large Brand organizations have, my company: Hotel Revenue Solutions, LLC provides services at a fraction of the cost of Branded programs and frankly, we deliver better because we are driven by your revenue goals.

At Hotel Revenue Solutions, LLC, we are not only brand experts (and certified) with the major brands, we are channel experts as well. Most importantly, we interact with our hotel General Managers every weekday morning by providing rate and inventory activity since the prior day, and with the hotel's approval we make rate changes in their systems based on our (or their) recommendations.

Prior to launching my company in early 2015, I was the Vice President of Revenue Management for the Americas for IHG, with 40 years of Hotel experience with multiple brands such as Hyatt, Hilton and Sheraton. My team of Revenue Management experts and I have the needed diversity of experience to drive revenue and optimize hotel profitability, even during these most challenging times.

In many aspects, we exceed brand requirements for Revenue Management standards, and we are Brand Certified. We have over 100 hotels under contract in 28 different states and have been consistently grown since our launch in 2015. Each of our Revenue Team members have no less than 15 years of multi-market and brand experience.

We developed proprietary reporting that is applicable todate with just under 20 Property Management Systems and our multi-brand experience allows us to execute rate and inventory changes in all branded systems.

I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and welcome your contact by calling our Atlanta office at 678-880-4550 or reaching me via email at Brad@HotelRevRx.com. Additionally, you have access to more information from our website at https://hotelrevrx.com/

Until then, stay well, stay safe!
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