Sage Intacct: Moving Beyond Traditional Billing

Sage Intacct: Moving Beyond Traditional Billing

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Robert Reid, Sage Chairman, Mid-Market Solutions, Sage IntacctRobert Reid, Sage Chairman, Mid-Market Solutions Being the backbone of every business, revenue management helps manage the finance of the providers, and keep them going forward on a daily basis. With numerous moving parts throughout the billing and collections processes, the smallest inefficiency can lead to costly rework and reimbursement. Many providers look to outsourced billing to handle these functions, but even then, oversight of third-party vendor relationships must be managed to ensure operational and financial success. While new technologies in automation and artificial intelligence are being widely adopted, the revenue department is still dealing with constraints on metrics and performance reporting. However, Sage Intacct—a revenue management solution provider’s clients have been able to keep financial processes run smoothly. Unlike traditional solution providers, Sage Intacct revenue management software enables to automate for greater efficiency, while offering the ability to make operational improvements.

The company’ multidimensional system enables to seamlessly track budget vs actuals based on the attributes that matter most including, location, vendor, department, and more. Its advanced and easy-to-use dashboards allow to slice and dice data quickly and to analyze trends and monitor variances in real time. Moreover, customers can rest assured about the data security as Sage Intacct has security covered from all angles: physical, network, and data. The company’s SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II audits, and other third-party certifications, ensure that all the financial information will be protected in a highly secure environment.

What distinguishes Sage Intacct most is the company as they keep—the employees, partners, and customers that come together to inspire continuous innovation and success. Moreover, Sage Intacct is the only cloud accounting solutions company to be appointed a preferred provider by the AICPA and recognized by finance professionals as the highest rated solution for customer satisfaction. Headquartered in San Jose, the company has a nationwide award-winning channel program and a U.S. based customer support team.

Streamline the Revenue Management

Sage Intacct’s spend and procurement software lets businesses govern all company purchasing compared to the budgets. The solution’s real-time dashboards allow managers to thoroughly analyze the “spend trend” to stay on top of company purchases and reduce unplanned variances. In addition, Sage Intacct makes it easy to streamline a businesses’ procurement and payables processes to ensure spending complies with corporate budgets.

Sage Intacct is the only cloud accounting solutions company to be appointed a preferred provider by the AICPA and recognized by finance professionals as the highest rated solution for customer satisfaction

With the application, managers can automatically enforce spending limits to avoid budget variances and meet corporate policies. Its multidimensional architecture lets create custom validation rules based on the type of spend request. Moreover, the Sage Intacct solution can even send alerts or stop spending if a request exceeds the budget.

Whereas, the Sage Intacct spend management software provides instant visibility into a businesses’ spending vs. budget. As a result, managers can immediately assess the impact when reviewing a spend request or about the actual spends. This enables more informed decisions on spending requests, while being able to see the funds in the budget.

"Customers ranging from startups to public companies rely on Sage Intacct's best-in-class cloud-based revenue management software to deliver the efficiencies and insights that keep them on the fast track of growth"

The solution’s faster, more insightful reporting with real-time data, the reports are richer, more insightful, and support data-driven business decisions. As a streamlined offering, Sage Intacct enables to trim down accounting teams, while staffers have a much better work-life balance.

Seamlessly Automate Hospitality Accounting

From operating multi-property hotel to restaurant chains, and clubs, a sophisticated hotel management system to keep accounting and finances on track can never be avoided. That’s why companies turn to Sage Intacct’s award-winning cloud-based hotel management software solution. It seamlessly automates hospitality accounting and financial management, offering better visibility into the business operations for faster and efficient decision making. Instead of worrying about the challenges of hospitality software or accounting, Sage Intacct hotel management solution enables to focus on enhancing the customer satisfaction.

With Sage Intacct hospitality software, staff can add as well as view information for specific properties and locations, without seeing the financials for other sites and businesses. Its flexible chart of accounts enables to automate multiple operating or ownership structures, all while managing consolidations from the parent company. The Sage Intacct solution even supports businesses to align with the evolving revenue recognition requirements to ensure compliance without compromising the efficiency of business management.

Game Changing Revenue Management Solutions

Customers ranging from startups to public companies depends on Sage Intacct's best-in-class cloud-based revenue management software to deliver the efficiencies and insights that keep them on the fast track of growth, from their first million to their first billion. An instance that portrays the company’s value proposition is when it assisted Laird Management—a family-owned company with about 650 employees, and one of the largest Burger King franchisees in Arizona, with 32 restaurants today. The Phoenix-based company has also recently become a franchisee of Anytime Fitness, a global chain with more than 4,000 gym locations. Laird Management had previously struggled with manual accounting work and limited visibility as it expanded from a handful of restaurants to 28 eateries by 2015, with each entity managed as a separate QuickBooks instance.

An in-family sale of the business in 2015 and restructuring under an umbrella management company introduced new complexities that exceeded the capabilities of its previous entry-level accounting system. In 2015, the company switched to Sage Intacct, a solution available in Sage Business Cloud, after evaluating Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Laird Management is utilizing the potential of Sage Intacct to dramatically improve accounting efficiency and consolidate multiple entities under single charts of accounts. With Sage Intacct, the company has reduced monthly reporting from 10 hours to two, while cutting down its monthly close in half. New efficiencies and insights from Sage Intacct have helped the company expand its locations and launch a new line of business. Sage Intacct has helped Laird Management to streamline their business by enabling to create twice as many reports in less than half the time needed in the past – providing faster access to key business insights.

Dedicated to Control the Chaos

Sage Intacct is laser focused on meeting the needs of financial professionals, and delivering exceptional customer success with advanced accounting and revenue management solutions in the cloud. Over the years, Sage Intacct has been a game changing accounting solutions provider to some of the leading businesses across the globe including Crossref, Dapple and Goodway Group. Recently, Gartner recognized Sage Intacct in a new Critical Capabilities report, where the company scored the highest product score for Core Financials for the Lower Midsize Enterprises. Moreover, this is the third straight year Sage Intacct has scored highest for that use case. As a trusted revenue management partner, Sage Intacct guarantees 99.8 percent uptime, airtight data security, and comprehensive disaster recovery offerings. The company has completed both SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II, as well as SOC 2 Type II, audits. The PCI certified company understands their clients who trust them with the most private, most critical data in business. The company simply succeed by focusing on their motto “we value your trust in us—and will do everything to protect it.”

- Sarah Dawson
    June 27, 2019